Massage Services

Full Body Massage:


Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes and firm but gentle pressure. This warming and softening of the tissues promotes peaceful relaxation, and allows the therapist to work more deeply where needed. Pressures are adjusted based on client preference, allowing each massage to be unique to the client, whether the goal is heavenly relaxation or relief from pain and injury. (Hot stone upgrade available!)

Hour and a Half
2 Hours


Spa Services
The Indulgence Series:

Chocolate truffles


Chocolate Indulgence – A 90-minute full body massage and a 6-pc. collection of Godiva Chocolates. (To add a larger collection of chocolates, or a specific assortment, please contact us at time of purchase.)



A jar of sugar scrub


Heavenly Body Indulgence – Combining the heavenly relaxation of full body massage with the pampered glow that comes with sugar or sea salt skin scrub (retail value $25), this service is a treat for the skin and senses.



Exfoliating Spa Scrub
Sugar or salt scrub is applied to the arms, legs, and back, then massaged in, exfoliating skin and leaving it with a healthy, pampered glow. Organic sugars and oils and minimally-processed sea salts make this a guilt-free treat that is good for your body! After the scrub is finished, rich moisturizers are massaged into the skin to lock in the benefits.



Ultimate Indulgence – Combining all of our luxurious upgrades with our longest massage, this is truly a treat! 2 hours of hot stone massage, a sugar or salt scrub, and a larger assortment of Godiva chocolates.




A foot being massaged

Foot Spa
A hot soak, including GuideStar (Aroma)Therapies Soak Salts, your choice of a sugar or salt foot scrub, and a thorough massage of each foot.




A woman lying prone


Quiet Time
Have you ever wished you could just take a little nap after your massage? The table is so warm and cozy, and you’re so relaxed… If you opt to have some Quiet Time, I will leave the room after your massage for a half hour. You can use the time to rest, read, or meditate to the sound of Tibetan Bowls–the choice–and your extra ‘me-time’–is yours!